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Leadership: Jason Greer, CEO, Colorado Community Managed Care Network

Jason Greer is CEO of the Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN) is a non-profit organization governed by Colorado's federally qualified health centers. It administers population health and clinical quality improvement programs on behalf of its members and their regional partners.

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Leadership Interview: Joe Sammen, Colo. Coalition for the Medically Underserved

Since mid-2012, the Coalition for the Medically Underserved has convened local and regional health alliances through the Colorado Network of Health Alliances. In this interview with The Ascent, Sammen discusses the role of the alliances and the value of community integration. 

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Leadership Interview: Colorado Medicaid Director Gretchen Hammer

In this interview, Colorado Medicaid Director Gretchen Hammer discusses Medicaid's role in transforming Colorado's health care payment and delivery systems. She also talks about health equity and shares her vision for the coming year.

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Leadership Interview: Kathleen Killion, MBA

Kathleen Killion, MBA, executive director of the Valley Health Alliance   

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Leadership Interview: Jerry Evans, Ph.D.

Jerry Evans, Ph.D., director of research & evaluation,

Community Health Initiatives

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Leadership Interview: Peggy O'Kane, NCQA president and CEO

The National Committee for Quality Assurance is field testing the GO Score, in partnership with RMHP and other innovators.

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Leadership Interview: Patrick Gordon, associate vice president, Rocky Mountain Health Plans

After months of planning and community collaboration with state and community partners, Rocky Mountain Health Plans officially launched Medicaid Prime this month.

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Leadership Interview: Dennis Schneider, MD, CMO, Colorado Springs Health Partners

Colorado Springs Health Partners is a Comprehensive Primary Care initiative practice. Schneider, the chief medical officer, is one of six physician leaders at the table with payers, providing direction for the CPCi and working on development of a data-aggregation solution.

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Leadership Interview: Lianne Jollon, executive director, San Juan Basin Health Department

Jollon has been in her current position since last August. She joined the San Juan Basin Health Department as a clinic nurse in 2010. In her role, she works to advance health equity, behavioral health integration and cross-system collaboration. 

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