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Leadership Interview: Kavita Patel on Full Benefit Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees

Full Benefit Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees--previously known as dual-eligible beneficiaries--comprise many of the poorest and sickest people and account for a disproportionate share of Medicare and Medicaid spending.

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Leadership Interview: John W. Barbee, member, Western Colorado Executive Committee

John W. Barbee, senior advisor on issues of civil society and accessibility, is the patient and community member of the Western Colorado Executive Committee.

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Leadership Interview~Ross Brooks, CEO, Mountain Family Health Centers

Ross Brooks is CEO of Mountain Family Health Centers, which operates clinics in Basalt, Glenwood Springs, Rifle, Black Hawk and Edwards. It serves a range of insured and uninsured patients, including 5,000 Medicaid enrollees.

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Leadership Interview~Steve ErkenBrack, president and CEO of Rocky Mountain Health Plans

In a landmark 2008 Heath Affairs paper, Dr. Don Berwick discussed the concept of an "integrator" that links organizations across the spectrum of health care delivery.

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