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Press Releases

Creating a conduit for better health: Technology connects medical and social services

A social health information exchange (S-HIE) brings together the many community-based organizations that meet client needs for the social determinants of health—such as housing, food, safety, transportation
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Community investment: The confluence of housing and health

Numerous studies have shown an association between housing insecurity and poor health. "Health plays a huge role in exacerbating the problems that can cause housing instability," says Frank Alexander, director, Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services.
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Prescription: Read

By supporting early literacy, pediatric practices improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

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Telehealth has potential to bridge access gaps, but first it must overcome several challenges

We've hardly scratched the surface of telehealth's potential to enhance access to physical and mental health services. But challenges--policy, lack of broadband access, physician reimbursement and workflow issues--have slowed telehealth's growth.
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Colorado wins $65 million health care innovation grant

Funding will support integrated, accountable, patient-centered care in the Western Slope and throughout the state

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