Accountable Care Collaborative

Colorado’s Medicaid Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) is designed to coordinate the health care of its members. It seeks to improve each individual’s experience of--and access to--health care. At the same time, it establishes accountability for cost management and improved heath.

Medicaid enrollees/clients who participate in the ACC receive regular Medicaid benefits, and they belong to a Regional Care Collaborative Organization--an RCCO. This brings added advantages:

  • Choose your own primary care medical provider 
  • Coordinated care 
  • Better care management
  • Easier access to specialists
  • Better access to resources and support beyond medical care

The ACC program builds on the patient-centered medical home model. It aims to move Medicaid from volume-driven, “sick care” toward value-driven health improvement. In other words, it works to make members well when they are ill and keep them healthy.