Pat Riddell

Pat Riddell, Western Colorado IPA (WCIPA)

Pat Riddell has served as executive director  of the Western Colorado IPA since 2003. The organization’s mission is to provide opportunities, resources and ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of member practices, thus enhancing access to and improving the quality of health care available to the community.  WCIPA member physicians have a long history of providing access to health care for Medicaid patients via a successful collaboration with Rocky Mountain Health Plans. 

Outside her official role, Riddell has also been involved in local projects to improve access to health care for the Medicaid and uninsured population in our community including development of the business plan for a new school-based health center on the campus of a local elementary school and providing assistance to a team of local stakeholders in the submission of a successful application for FQHC status on behalf of a local clinic.