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Regional Accountable Entity

In October 2017, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing awarded RMHP the contract to serve as the RAE for Region 1 of the Health First Colorado Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC).

As the RAE, RMHP is responsible for connecting Health First Colorado Members with both primary care and behavioral health services for Region 1, which includes 21 counties in Western Colorado and Larimer County. This builds upon our foundation of our previous services as a Regional Care Collaborative Organization (RCCO), growing our community-oriented approach for Health First Colorado Members as RMHP Community.

The RAE for Region 1 includes:

  • the services previously performed by RMHP as the Regional Care Collaborative Organization (RCCO), including the primary care medical provider network and care coordination services;
  • the services previously performed by the regional Behavioral Health Organization (BHO), including managing covered services under the Medicaid Capitated Behavioral Health Benefit;
  • the Western Colorado payment reform initiative known as RMHP Prime; and
  • additional services to support whole person care, including activities to address social determinants of health.

The ACC is designed to coordinate the health care of its members. It seeks to improve each individual’s experience of--and access to--health care. At the same time, it establishes accountability for cost management and improved heath.

The ACC program builds on the patient-centered medical home model. It aims to move Medicaid from volume-driven, “sick care” toward value-driven health improvement. In other words, it works to make members well when they are ill and keep them healthy.