Feedback illustrates benefits of transformation

A Practice Transformation Story

A patient thanked us for doing the depression screen because she had been meaning to talk to someone about how she was feeling.

We have come a long way in 6 months – our team has built a registry that has helped us understand areas that we could improve patient care and staff satisfaction.  Our staff is more engaged in preventive medicine.  Our front office has taken more duties on including faxes, depression screening and recalls.  This has made positive improvements with our staff and our patients.  We now understand why we have a registry.

As a part of the program work, Western Valley Family Practice (along with several other practices) discovered bringing key practice members from each department together as a team not only increased buy-in for change but also empowered staff and opened the door  for some natural leaders to step up and play greater roles in quality improvement .

We have learned a lot about our practice through our reporting.  We have had some challenges retrieving our data but have learned to adapt.  Overall, our patient care has improved.

The whole office has become energized because they feel we can work through problems to accomplish an improvement.  Also, everyone has started to try to use the EMR as a tool instead of an obstacle.

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