One Degree: Shift the Influence Campaign Seeks to Make an Impact on Coloradans' Health

The One Degree: Shift the Influence campaign enables anyone with a computer or smartphone to practice having constructive, non-confrontational conversations with two virtual humans named Donna and Jordan.

Donna is drinking to cope with stress. Jordan’s partying with alcohol and marijuana is interfering with his work performance and derailing his plan to save money for college. App users playing the role of Donna’s cousin or Jordan’s co-worker select conversation options from a series of menus, see how Donna or Jordan respond to each option both verbally and with body language, and receive tips from a virtual coach about how to frame their questions and responses in the most effective and non-judgmental manner.

These interactions prepare people to initiate real-life conversations with those they are concerned about – a major hurdle for many who don’t know how to broach the subject – as well as motivate them to make small “one-degree” changes that can help improve their health along with their work, relationships and overall well-being.