RMHP Accountable Care Region 1 News

Mitigating churn, meeting an obligation

Millions of people will likely shift between health insurance exchange (HIX) and Medicaid plans this year. "Churning," common in Medicaid, relates to income fluctuations and Medicaid eligibility.

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Leadership Interview: John W. Barbee, member, Western Colorado Executive Committee

John W. Barbee, senior advisor on issues of civil society and accessibility, is the patient and community member of the Western Colorado Executive Committee.

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Reicks discusses clinical integration

Clinical integration creates efficiencies that can reduce health care costs and improve care coordination.

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Medicaid Prime launches this spring

Medicaid Prime ("Payment Reform Initiative for Medicaid Expansion") is a two-year pilot with a simple goal: Improve the health of individuals and the community while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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