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THE COST CONUNDRUM - What a Texas town can teach us about health care

It is spring in McAllen, Texas. The morning sun is warm. The streets are lined with palm trees and pickup trucks.

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The Colorado Beacon Consortium: Strengthening the Capacity for Health Care Delivery Transformation in Rural Communities

The Colorado Beacon Consortium is one of 17 regions participating in the three-year, federally funded Beacon Community Program, which aims to demonstrate how strengthening local health information technology (IT) infrastructure can support improvements in the quality and efficiency of health care

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Low-Cost Lessons from Grand Junction, Colorado

In August 2009, President Barack Obama traveled to Grand Junction, Colorado, touting that community's health care system as a model for the provision of low-cost, high-quality care.

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Grand Junction, Colorado: How A Community Drew On Its Values To Shape A Superior Health System

For the past decade, the high-quality, relatively low-cost health care delivered in Grand Junction, Colorado, has led that community to outperform most others in the United States.

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