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The Ascent Newsbrief

The Ascent is an e-resource from the Western Colorado Leadership Group that brings subscribers timely, targeted news once a month--news about population health, payment reform and the people working to pursue better care, lower costs and a healthier community.

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Ascent - Archive

Date Title Download In This Issue
November, 2019 The Ascent, November 2019 Download PDF
September, 2019 The Ascent, September 2019 Download PDF
August, 2019 The Ascent, August 2019 Download PDF
July, 2019 The Ascent, July 31, 2019 Download PDF
July, 2019 The Ascent, July 8, 2019 Download PDF
May, 2019 The Ascent, May 2019 Download PDF
April, 2019 The Ascent, April 2019 Download PDF
March, 2019 The Ascent, March 2019 Download PDF
February, 2019 The Ascent, February 2019 Download PDF
January, 2019 The Ascent, January 2019 Download PDF